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The Story Shelf: 3/2016

Like the growl for pad thai or blood orange gelato, sometimes I get hungry for a good story. Usually this craving happens when too much busy bullies up against my soul. I want nothing more than to settle into a darkened theater, crack open a thick novel or call up a friend for coffee, to gorge on… Continue reading The Story Shelf: 3/2016

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“Be you, bravely…”

The word perseverance is rolling continuously like a news ticker through my thoughts these days. When something weird like that happens, I’ve found its best to sit up and take notice. There is usually a big lesson to be learned and right now I’m absorbing all I can about this one word. We recently attended… Continue reading “Be you, bravely…”

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A Story and a Song for a Hard Reset

This weekend my favorite Canadian shared these videos which burst into my soul like the fireworks she promised in the watching. It was one of those weeks when the stories coming in from the hearts of friends and family ached so much that a dull headache hung around under the surface of the days. I… Continue reading A Story and a Song for a Hard Reset


More from Moonbot Studios

Media can be disgustingly invasive.  About the point I’m ready to quit the modern life and run screaming into a cabin in the woods, someone uses media to tell a story with such grace and beauty that it makes me reconsider. Like the time I discovered The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.   I continue… Continue reading More from Moonbot Studios