Advice to the College Student

The past few weeks my screens have been filled with snapshots and stories of friends sending their children off to college. All across the country, similar scenes have played out in parking lots and dorm lobbies and on campuses (cue the sound of baby wings flapping furiously). Abilene Christian University is our alma mater and… Continue reading Advice to the College Student

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What Is Enough?

“Excessive Generosity“….What do these words conjure in your mind? Rather, what do they make you feel in your heart? I openly admit that I dreaded starting Jeff Shinabarger’s newly released  More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity.  I was afraid of the conviction I knew would come, fearful of what I might be… Continue reading What Is Enough?

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In Honor of the Month of Love

Ahhhh….The story of love. The hopeful optimism of what life will look like joined together. All bright and shiny. No messy realities, no grimy disappointments. This video and the story it tells, captivates my heart.  Pure joy in its celebration with family and friends and God so obviously in the middle of it all. Oh, I… Continue reading In Honor of the Month of Love