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The Story Shelf: 3/2016

Like the growl for pad thai or blood orange gelato, sometimes I get hungry for a good story. Usually this craving happens when too much busy bullies up against my soul. I want nothing more than to settle into a darkened theater, crack open a thick novel or call up a friend for coffee, to gorge on… Continue reading The Story Shelf: 3/2016

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Of Feathers and Burned Toast

Last fall I filled my grandmother’s apartment with smoke and all she did was laugh and tell a story. In what could’ve been a moment of fiasco, she instinctively chose to insert a tiny snapshot of memory. Stories trail magic in their power to communicate and transform. Even small anecdotal stories of our childhood, hold influence and weight… Continue reading Of Feathers and Burned Toast

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The Futility of Spit and Duct Tape

This is one of those weeks that can feel more messy than usual. We gather our people around tables and living rooms and kitchens under the ruse of giving thanks. What ends up taking place amidst the smell of turkey and taste of pumpkin is a smackdown story between high expectations and brokenness. May the… Continue reading The Futility of Spit and Duct Tape