A Story Gift Basket

Being somewhat vigilant for a good story, I’ve discovered they are everywhere when you have eyes to see.   So many stories, so little time.  Anytime I discover a good one, I jot it down as a possibility to add to this collection. Too little time to write a whole post about each of these, but they are too good not to include.

Consider today’s post a gift basket of cyber goodies, story style. Make a cup of tea and enjoy! (Twinnings Christmas Tea is super good and available now at the Walmarts)

1. I had tons of fun this fall working through Brene Brown’s art journaling ecourse. It went along with her book The Gifts of Imperfection. This video is wonderful. Brene’s voice with animation that explains the difference between sympathy and empathy. It will improve our stories to take the lessons here seriously.

2. On the day I first watched, I was the 50,553,975th view for One Direction’s video of their song Story of My Life. I think its up in the 70 millions now.  I’m sure I’ll be sick of it in no time, but for now it’s catchy and sweet. And I’m not above saying…those boys are cute!  I love the video because it tells a story as well.

3. Here is a link to fun little quiz I stumbled upon. After a few questions, you can discover what character you are in fiction.  Evidently, I’m a bit like Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ll take it!

4. The Work of the People is my kind of website, filled to the brim with stories of real people. Beautifully done videos. Click here to watch one called Be Still and Look with Glennon Melton. Perfect for this Advent season.

5. The Piano Guys!! Our family first discovered these musicians through this video a few years ago. We watched and listened to the Swift/Coldplay mashup probably fifty times. They have their own channel on YouTube. I dare you to try to spend less than an hour watching/listening. Their Christmas album is phenomenal.

6.  The Story –  It’s a book! It’s a musical tour! It’s a small group study! And it’s absolutely incredible. Love it all.  So many talented people collaborating on such a worthy project. Telling THE Story that makes all others possible.

7. This one hit my heart hard with the way a husband used his talent in photography in such a delightfully unexpected way. All to make his wife laugh and then spread the laughter to an entire community that needs laughter desperately. Watch this and then click on to learn more.

8. Television advertisers know the power of story and they use that power to sell us stuff. Coca-cola has always been masters of attaching story to their products. This one from Argentina captures the story of early parenthood beautifully.

Some other places I hunt for good stories:

— Upworthy

— Faithit

Austin Stone Church

Deeper Story

Soul Pancake

Storyline Blog (of course…)

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