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What Is Enough?

Excessive Generosity“….What do these words conjure in your mind? Rather, what do they make you feel in your heart? I openly admit that I dreaded starting Jeff Shinabarger’s newly released  More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity I was afraid of the conviction I knew would come, fearful of what I might be called to do after reading the stories in this book.


Here is what causes my stomach to chew on this though. After reading and rereading the book of James (yes, him again!) it seems glaringly apparent that loving BY doing and giving and sacrificing is integral to being a Christ follower. Talk is cheap. Actions speak of what your heart truly trusts. I want to GET this. I want the truth of active generous love to be the core of what marks my story. So I swallowed hard and dug into this book and am so glad I did.

Yep, I was convicted, but in a good way, not a shame on you guilt way. Jeff’s book is filled with inspirational people who have gone against culture to live generously, courageously asking themselves WHAT IS ENOUGH? and then altering their lifestyle to fit the answer. It’s inspirational, challenging and thought-provoking.  Their lives reflect Jesus in a way that make you want to live similarly.

One of Jeff’s mentors is Bob Goff. You can totally see that as you read this book. In a similar storytelling, not preachy style, More or Less inspires generosity in a way that Love Does inspires love.  Jeff and his wife Andre share with a level of vulnerability that draws you into their story, the mistakes and victories. The blessings obviously far outweigh the sacrifice. It’s an entire paradigm shift that they are proposing to a culture that seemingly can never get enough.

What is enough for you?

What kind of story would we live if we truly evaluated and acted upon that question?  It will be one for me to seriously ponder in the days ahead. I no doubt will find many areas of “more than enough” in my life.

Check out the More or Less website. There are videos that follow-up some of the book’s chapters. Enjoy and be enticed by the trailer!

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