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Finding Hope in Haiti

“Hey, want to go to Haiti with me in February?” read my favorite text of Fall 2016. The subtle hints I’d been dropping to my friend Katie had finally paid off (I want to go! Pleasepleasepleaseplease. Take me next!!) Katie is one of THOSE people. The kind you meet for the first time and within… Continue reading Finding Hope in Haiti

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Dear Ann, (A Letter to my Spiritual Mentor)

(I’ve been mentored by Ann Voskamp for the past four years. We’ve never met, yet through the power of the written word and the internet’s magic, I sit on a regular basis at the feet of this humble and wise soul. She gifted the world with another book and I have a story I can’t… Continue reading Dear Ann, (A Letter to my Spiritual Mentor)

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The Futility of Spit and Duct Tape

This is one of those weeks that can feel more messy than usual. We gather our people around tables and living rooms and kitchens under the ruse of giving thanks. What ends up taking place amidst the smell of turkey and taste of pumpkin is a smackdown story between high expectations and brokenness. May the… Continue reading The Futility of Spit and Duct Tape