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Permission to Practice

“Its a simple and generous rule of life that whatever you practice, you will improve at.” Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic I tell my older students all the time. Learning to correct a speech sound takes practice. It will always feel weird at first. It will always sound wrong when it’s actually right. I tell them… Continue reading Permission to Practice

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Gratitude is a Superpower

“I…go around your altar, O Lord, proclaiming thanksgiving aloud, and telling all your wondrous deeds.”   Psalm 26:6-7 You know you’ve got a friend for life when you can steal from her. I have one of those forever friends but I’ll call what I did “borrowing permanently” which sounds less illegal. A few years ago… Continue reading Gratitude is a Superpower

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The Ripples from a Doctor’s Story

Have you ever dropped a stone in the calm waters of a pond? Plop. What a satisfying sound. Even better is picking up a handful of pebbles and slinging them out all at once. Plop, plop, plop! The ripples of each individual stone intersecting with its neighbor and then its neighbor’s neighbor, until eventually all… Continue reading The Ripples from a Doctor’s Story

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A Story and a Song for a Hard Reset

This weekend my favorite Canadian shared these videos which burst into my soul like the fireworks she promised in the watching. It was one of those weeks when the stories coming in from the hearts of friends and family ached so much that a dull headache hung around under the surface of the days. I… Continue reading A Story and a Song for a Hard Reset