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Sinking Into Your Story

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to gather with a small group of women by a lake, way out in the middle of nowhere Kansas. Although I only knew Katie and Erin going in, I left with a dozen sweet new friends.

#delight2016 showed up big time.

Katie’s purpose for organizing the getaway was to retreat from the front lines of over scheduled lives to be refreshed and reconnected. A few olders were asked to share with the youngers. The food was awesome, the hospitality spectacular and laughter and tears flowed in equal measure.

I learned way more than I shared.

Sunday morning we sat under a covered deck while it gently rained, bundled in blankets and holding coffee mugs. Together we talked about balance and success and friendship. We picked apart the wisdom found in two verses from Galatians in the Message. These words have stuck with me since I first heard them back in the fall and now I know why.

This is a roadmap to living a good story.

It starts with knowing who you are and who you aren’t. This takes time and energy and intention. Don’t let the world around you define. Go to the one who created you for the truest definition.

Only when you have a handle on who you are, are you able to effectively discern the work that you’ve been given. Don’t let your plate pile up with things that don’t belong. This is the trickiest part because we instinctively want to be all and do all. Freedom rests in knowing this is a lie.

I love the sinking part. As I shared on Sunday, I got this vision of a big overstuffed chair and ottoman that is pure pleasure to sink into.  Some describe this as finding their sweet spot or being in their wheel house. Its confident grace, a feeling of settledness that comes from having explored carefully who you are and participating in the right work for the right time.

It is tempting at this point to get cocky and impressed with ourselves. It is also tempting to get dissatisfied by comparing. Things go all wonky when we think too highly or too poorly of ourselves.

So we are encouraged to simply do our own creative best, with who we are and the work we’ve been given.

If you weren’t already aware, the Bible is brilliant.

Check back in a couple days because I’ll be sharing the story of my friend who is rocking this verse.

2 thoughts on “Sinking Into Your Story

  1. OK. Yeah, we gotta talk. Your weekend sounds wonderful! Funny…….these thoughts have been something I’ve been chewing on this week and praying over heavily, especially making sure I’m sinking in where I’m supposed to. Great stuff, sista!

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