Tales from Wal-Mart

Love Observes

(Tales from Wal-mart Series) OBSERVE – verb: “notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant” — synonyms – notice, see, perceive, note, discern, detect, spot Stories are unfolding every day. All around us. Even at Wal-mart. Especially at Wal-mart. For most of us we can’t hit the pause button on our story while we… Continue reading Love Observes

Jesus · Marriage · Music

In Honor of the Month of Love

Ahhhh….The story of love. The hopeful optimism of what life will look like joined together. All bright and shiny. No messy realities, no grimy disappointments. This video and the story it tells, captivates my heart.  Pure joy in its celebration with family and friends and God so obviously in the middle of it all. Oh, I… Continue reading In Honor of the Month of Love