Walking as Light



I’m so excited to share a story with you today. Right before Christmas I had one of those days that was flooded with inconvenience. In the early hours I answered a desperate text that effectively erased the day’s schedule. In making an intentional choice to walk as light, it made a holy mess of the day. It just goes with the territory at times.

His love is exquisitely precise and his timing is sometimes hilarious.

In the middle of that crazy day I took a moment to check email on my phone. Sitting there like an early Christmas gift was an email from (in)courage, accepting a submission I’d made weeks earlier for a guest post. Umm, excuse me…WHAT? This was a first time practice run, not anything I thought would actually happen. 

God decided to fulfill a desire of my heart and then chose to tell me about it at the very time I was struggling to put into action the exact words I’d pieced together on a page. He reminded me that delight and heartache can actually hold hands and be friends within the same soul, at the same time.

I’ve been treasuring up this gift for weeks. Today my words go out a little farther than normal. I’d be honored for you to check them out.


Growing up I always felt a little off the map. My days were spent in the far corner of a state that smelled of crude oil and dust. Oil rigs and tumbleweeds dotted the desert expanse and carried all the vibe of a forgotten scrap yard.

I knew God created and loved me, but somehow believed my existence might have slipped his mind.

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4 thoughts on “Walking as Light

  1. I read your post on (in)courage and I love how honest you are and how inspiring your story is. I think even with our faith, we still go through that situation or get that feeling of being “unloved” or not enough because we’re human. But it’s good because we have a God who can reach out to us wherever we are. 🙂

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