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The “I am Second” Collection

i-am-second-imagePlease tell me you have heard of the I am Second website. If you haven’t discovered this extraordinary site, you are missing out on a collection of the very best stories available on the internet.

I am Second is much more than a website. It is actually a movement that encourages people to intentionally live in a way that places Jesus as number one in their life. When people choose to give the first spot to Him, amazing stories result because of living second. These are real people, telling the truth about experiences and decisions that have redefined who they are. They are all very different except for the fact that each one circles around to THE STORY.

This simple white leather chair is the backdrop for the short films at I am Second. They are classified by struggle and last about 5 minutes. Familiar and unfamiliar faces sit in that club chair and tell the most important story of their lives.

The ways in which Jesus grabs hold of hearts is as vast and different as humanity itself. Every story is different and unique and extraordinary and although no two encounters with Christ is exactly the same, they all need to be shared.

You have a story too.  What would your film look like? How can you live second by putting Jesus first and what amazing things might happen if you did?

406953_10151120960357337_262985811_nI’ve discovered that when you decide to follow God’s leading, it can feel scary and risky, vulnerable. But in his goodness, he has a way of encouraging you in that leading with little “you can do this” whispers to the heart. When I decided to start writing and sharing stories here at The Story Place, I began a list of things I wanted to share. The I am Second  site was at the top of that list. I was taken by surprise to get an email from Doug Bender, the author of a new book called Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First asking for bloggers to be a part of the launch team. I’ve been reading the advance copy and am excited about the way he ties the I am Second films, scripture and questions into this daily reader. This is the type of resource that you will want to buy multiple copies of to give away. My teens for sure will be receiving a copy under the tree this Christmas.

I am thankful to be a part of this “team” that is spreading the Live Second message. It was a “you can do this” whisper to my heart. More about this book in the days ahead!

2 thoughts on “The “I am Second” Collection

  1. I had not heard of the “I am second” collection. This is certainly the way to live life. Looking forward to hearing more. Maybe I will get to read that book over the holidays! Joan

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