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Dear Ann, (A Letter to my Spiritual Mentor)

(I’ve been mentored by Ann Voskamp for the past four years. We’ve never met, yet through the power of the written word and the internet’s magic, I sit on a regular basis at the feet of this humble and wise soul. She gifted the world with another book and I have a story I can’t… Continue reading Dear Ann, (A Letter to my Spiritual Mentor)

Things I've Learned

The Danger of Delight

Delight has chosen me, demanding to be taken serious this year. Expectation for this one little word builds inside my chest because I want to finally get it. D e l i g h t. To understand this choosing is to know the context of a greater configuration of words. Words that were collected and… Continue reading The Danger of Delight

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The Wisdom of Reflection

Sweet guacamole, what a week this has been for the world of words. Sometimes the words I consume make me feel like I’ve pigged out on processed sugar and chemicals. Whether delivered from “news” sources or social media, fuzzy confusion and a sense of hopelessness seem to be the only nutrients offered. I’m amazed at… Continue reading The Wisdom of Reflection