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A Love Letter to Kansas

Dear Kansas, June 5th marks 9 years you and I have been together. To honor this ‘almost a decade’¬†anniversary, I’m thinking it’s time to finally come clean about my feelings toward you. Brace yourself. It might get ugly before it gets surprising. I’ll start by first admitting we have had a rather rocky relationship, you… Continue reading A Love Letter to Kansas

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Lessons from a Junior High Track Meet

I love junior high track. It’s all at once exciting and devastating, painfully awkward and surprisingly graceful. It’s that sport only a mother could love. Slow clap for the parents! You gotta be committed to organize your whole day around, I don’t know, maybe a combined total of two minutes of competition? I loved this… Continue reading Lessons from a Junior High Track Meet

Things I've Learned

10 Things I Learned In July

I’m learning something new today by attempting to link-up with Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky). ¬†At the end of each month she likes to share things she’s learned. Random, silly or quirky things. These have been super fun posts and I always end up discovering something new. She has invited others to join in… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned In July