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The Story Shelf: April/2016

I decided last month to create a monthly post highlighting a few stories that begged sharing and remembering. Here are just a few from April. Hometown Mural – Pittsburg is packed with quirky personality. I was driving down Broadway the other day and noticed this mural for the first time. Apparently its been up for months without my… Continue reading The Story Shelf: April/2016

Things I've Learned

The Danger of Delight

Delight has chosen me, demanding to be taken serious this year. Expectation for this one little word builds inside my chest because I want to finally get it. D e l i g h t. To understand this choosing is to know the context of a greater configuration of words. Words that were collected and… Continue reading The Danger of Delight

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The Wisdom of Reflection

Sweet guacamole, what a week this has been for the world of words. Sometimes the words I consume make me feel like I’ve pigged out on processed sugar and chemicals. Whether delivered from “news” sources or social media, fuzzy confusion and a sense of hopelessness seem to be the only nutrients offered. I’m amazed at… Continue reading The Wisdom of Reflection

Things I've Learned

Embrace the Fear

This is for you graduates. Pictures of you wearing robes and wide smiles under tasselled caps have filled our screens this month. Every day the mailbox delivers another envelope brimming with hope and an invitation to celebrate. And each time I see you I feel a rising sense of urgency on your behalf. You need to understand that you are… Continue reading Embrace the Fear

Things I've Learned

Did That Really Just Happen?

Weird stories can occur suddenly. They sometimes sneak up uninvited and freak you out.  Allow me to share just that sort of story. In the quiet New Mexico town where I grew up, there was a tiny cafe grill across the street from the junior high. It was called “The Little Store” and served burgers… Continue reading Did That Really Just Happen?