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Everything Changed on a Day in May

–all quotes from “Surprised by Motherhood” by Lisa-Jo Baker— “Children arrive and blow through what used to be your routine. They huff and puff and they blow your life down.” May 6, 1993. We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. We didn’t know that babies usually don’t arrive on the due date.… Continue reading Everything Changed on a Day in May

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The Texas Hill Country and A Story Dump

Have you ever visited the Texas Hill Country? It’s one of my favorite places. Favorite as in a place where I would choose to live if given the chance, favorite.  We just returned from a long weekend in Gruene, home of the music hall where Willie Nelson began his singing career. No kidding. We had… Continue reading The Texas Hill Country and A Story Dump

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Ranch Life

Last Saturday was a cattle work day here on the ranch. That means clear the schedule, all hands on deck and put the “let’s-git-er-dun” hat firmly upon the head. We round-up the herd and run them through the chute for a variety shots, medicines, branding and/or measuring. Sometimes this process goes smoothly and everybody has… Continue reading Ranch Life