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“Be you, bravely…”

The word perseverance is rolling continuously like a news ticker through my thoughts these days. When something weird like that happens, I’ve found its best to sit up and take notice. There is usually a big lesson to be learned and right now I’m absorbing all I can about this one word. We recently attended… Continue reading “Be you, bravely…”


Dear Me Stories

“Our worst mistakes occur when we mistakenly think we don’t need anyone else’s thoughts.” This was the bottom line message of a month-long series our church just finished called Dear Me. It was simple yet brilliant.  Each Sunday 4 or 5 members were invited to share a letter they had written to themselves, starting with high… Continue reading Dear Me Stories

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The Spiritual Practice Of Travel

There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about the glorious gifts of travel. I read and listen to people’s travel stories, discoveries, adventures and in a small way live vicariously through them all. The more I get to travel the more I am captivated by the lure and treasure of journeys.… Continue reading The Spiritual Practice Of Travel