The Story

The Story

It is what draws me to a darkened theater with anticipation. It is what lures me into Barnes and Noble so hours can dissolve as I hunt shelves for buried treasure. It is what brings tears to my eyes as I listen to testimonies. The Story.

It is the most elemental force created. The Story echoes in Florentine cathedrals. The Story beckons us to mystery as we star-gaze with slack jaws. The Story throws that stone in my throat watching a Tide commercial celebrating moms. Simply put, it is how we make sense of this crazy, broken world. And so I read pages of words. I gaze at art. I marvel at creation. I observe and absorb and listen.

The Story provides context and meaning. It pulls emotion and decision up from our subconscious. It fleshes out thoughts and puts the puzzle pieces together. The Story.

“In the beginning…” is how THE original story gets started. In the beginning was the Word and every word that follows is evidence of THE Author. This idea of story is what got us all started on this spinning blue globe. And it is His stories that teach us how to live our own stories well.

No wonder we are drawn to The Story in such a variety of ways. It is everywhere. In every cell, every particle, in every heart. In the very DNA of life. Within us beats the desire to participate and be a character in The Story. The world breaks down only because of individual decisions not to be a part of the best Story ever written.

So. I have arrived at the decision to make this a place to collect stories that in some way encourages us to live our stories well. To validate the truth contained in a good story. And may they all bring glory to The Author.

One thought on “The Story

  1. I’m always “preaching” to our children: Every good story is a reflection of, response to, or reaction against the One True Story. I love your love for story.

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