Character · Family

“Be you, bravely…”

The word perseverance is rolling continuously like a news ticker through my thoughts these days. When something weird like that happens, I’ve found its best to sit up and take notice. There is usually a big lesson to be learned and right now I’m absorbing all I can about this one word. We recently attended… Continue reading “Be you, bravely…”

Character · The Story

The Ripples from a Doctor’s Story

Have you ever dropped a stone in the calm waters of a pond? Plop. What a satisfying sound. Even better is picking up a handful of pebbles and slinging them out all at once. Plop, plop, plop! The ripples of each individual stone intersecting with its neighbor and then its neighbor’s neighbor, until eventually all… Continue reading The Ripples from a Doctor’s Story

Character · Things I've Learned

Lessons from a Junior High Track Meet

I love junior high track. It’s all at once exciting and devastating, painfully awkward and surprisingly graceful. It’s that sport only a mother could love. Slow clap for the parents! You gotta be committed to organize your whole day around, I don’t know, maybe a combined total of two minutes of competition? I loved this… Continue reading Lessons from a Junior High Track Meet