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How a Rabbi Helps Me Sleep at Night

I did some listening and reading and thinking over the past week, absorbing in shock one crazy story after another. So much to digest and process. So much that is confusing and horrifying. It would be easy to draw a circle around myself and plunk my head down deep in the sandy middle. My friend recently… Continue reading How a Rabbi Helps Me Sleep at Night

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The Story Shelf: May 2016

“Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.”  ― Ben Okri Here are some of the best stories discovered and re-discovered during the wonderful month of May: >>The Abolitionists – I’m sharing a story I haven’t even heard yet. This documentary was released in May for a limited number of showings and… Continue reading The Story Shelf: May 2016

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The Story Shelf: 3/2016

Like the growl for pad thai or blood orange gelato, sometimes I get hungry for a good story. Usually this craving happens when too much busy bullies up against my soul. I want nothing more than to settle into a darkened theater, crack open a thick novel or call up a friend for coffee, to gorge on… Continue reading The Story Shelf: 3/2016