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securedownload-6This is the time of year I begin to get antsy. Wanderlust tamped down by holidays and schedules begins to seep back into the cracks of my consciousness, whispering that its time to pack bags and go explore new places.  Perhaps it is the dog days of winter that trigger such a deep desire for adventure.

To be honest, I grab any old excuse to daydream about travel.

February is my month to trip plan, real and imaginary. And its the perfect month to live vicariously through other’s adventures. When you are connected to home by responsibility and finances and time and weather, the next best thing is reading and watching other people live big adventures. Here are a few ways I’ve been delivered to the world this month as snow days dot the calendar.

1. Esther Havens – She is the beautiful 20-something who boldly washed off all her makeup before speaking to tens of thousands at the IF:Gathering. Her job? No biggie, she is just a Humanitarian Photographer. I recently got lost in her story and jaw-dropping photographs via a friendly session of cyber-stalking. Her interview at The Great Discontent had me drooling over the life she is living, traveling the world telling stories with her camera. She describes her search for miracle stories in remote villages all over the world at If:Equip. Her pics are like candy in my instagram feed.

2. For Christmas mom gave me the book  A House in the Sky: A Memoir by Amanda Lundhout and Sara Corbett. After gulping it down, it was one of those stories that stayed with me for days afterward. The book starts with the author recounting her childhood in rural Canada and how back issues of National Geographic helped her weather a troubled life. She began traveling young and longed to explore ever increasingly remote places on the globe. The bulk of the book however describes her experience as a hostage to Somalian extremists for over 400 days. Thanks, Mom.  I’m very aware now of a certain country I’ll never choose to explore.

3. Speaking of National Geographic, its Traveler magazine has been my one faithful subscription for probably the last 15 years. Torn out articles and photographs are tucked in files and journals and books all over our home. Saturday morning coffee and Traveler magazine has been the routine for a very long time.securedownload-5

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – This movie. It received mixed reviews. I absolutely loved it. It will be one of those movies that I will own and watch until infinity. There is a scene where Walter’s mom says to his sister, “What is it you call it when he goes into one of his little places? – Oh, zoned out. – You do that now and then.” Yes, Shirley McLaine, yes I do. It happens frequently in February.

Where would we be without the ability to share our stories? February makes me especially happy for this gift.securedownload-8

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