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Passing on the Baton

In a recent post Ann Voskamp introduced me to Christine Caine in a video that rocked my world. Everything I believe about living a good story beats strong within her message. I can’t wait to read her book Undaunted and learn more about the A21 Campaign against human trafficking that she founded.

Her story speaks to me. It makes my heart beat fast for a thousand reasons I am still trying to process. Tears flowed at her final words.

Her words speak to my teenage children and all of their friends, but they target specifically those in college.  I am so encouraged by the compassion and love of this generation. Their willingness to do hard things and go into hard places. Her words give the perfect call to reject apathy and excuses, ambition and position. But rather to accept the specific call God has placed on your heart.

This invocation speech to Liberty University is worth every minute of your time. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

“The gift that is on you will destroy you if the gift that is in you can’t sustain you. God is trying to build what is on the inside of you…..Most of you sacrifice your destiny on the altar of a position you want because you won’t accept the place that God wants to set you in….It is better to be marked by God instead of marketed by man because God will elevate you to the place HE wants you to be.”

The song “27 Million” by Matt Redman and LZ7, along with Christine’s words encapsulate the need to fight human trafficking and work toward ending injustice in our world. Christine’s story challenges me to ask, yet again, Am I living out the story He wants my life to tell? Are you?

One thought on “Passing on the Baton

  1. So good! So much I’m chewing on. Praying I pass the baton…….but also run well in my turn. Run on, sista! I’m cheering you on!

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