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To honor the finale of Season 3, I simply must include in my collection of good stories, Downton Abbey. Seriously, old news. I know everyone talks about it, but I haven’t. This series continues to entertain and enthrall.  Doesn’t everyone secretly desire a Lady’s maid? I’d treat you well, Anna.

Here is a snippet of conversation between two of my favorite characters.

Mrs. Crawley: “Were you a very involved mother with Robert and Rosamund?”
Dowager Countess“Does it surprise you?”
Mrs. Crawley:  “A bit. I’d imagined them surrounded by nannies and governesses, being starched and ironed to spend an hour with you after tea.”
Dowager Countess: “Yes, but it was an hour.  Every day.”
Mrs. Crawley: “Yes, I see. How tiring.”

Until next year, I bid you a fond adieu, sweet characters. Check out this list of the Season Three Dowager Countess quotes. That woman is hysterical!

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