A Case for Standing and Staring

There is something about the month of May that bubbles up giddy. It’s got all the good things going for it; beautifully dramatic weather, anticipation of summer, and so many celebrations. May seems a marker month for transition and change and happy tears. Delight should be her middle name. This second day of my favorite… Continue reading A Case for Standing and Staring


How to Give Your Broken Mess the Stink Eye

It’s Friday morning. The sun slants across the field outside my window, casting shadows on the gnarly woods around the creek. The kitchen counter is filled with scraps of lists that cast their own shadow on the day. The laundry needs folding, the basement smells like our dog has another kidney infection and the morning’s… Continue reading How to Give Your Broken Mess the Stink Eye

Things I've Learned

The Danger of Delight

Delight has chosen me, demanding to be taken serious this year. Expectation for this one little word builds inside my chest because I want to finally get it. D e l i g h t. To understand this choosing is to know the context of a greater configuration of words. Words that were collected and… Continue reading The Danger of Delight